The Tour du Mont Blanc – Your Guide to this Epic Adventure Hike in the Alps!

Mountain Drop-offs and the Tour Mont Blanc

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Lakes and mountains on the famous Tour Mont Blanc  – Pic NicolasWeldingh@Unsplash

Want to know more about the Tour Mont Blanc?
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What is the Tour Mont Blanc?

It’s the most popular multi-day trek in the Alps with an estimated 20,000 people walking the (on average) 160km route that passes through France, Italy and Switzerland. Not to be confused with the UTMB trail race, which is actually inspired by the celebrated hiking route.

How many days does it take to do the Tour Mont Blanc?

That depends on how fast you walk (or run!), how many miles you want to cover in a day and how many overnight stops you’d like to make. On average, hikers take 6-10 days to complete the full circuit.

Which way round is best? Clockwise or anticlockwise?

The vast majority of walkers go anticlockwise. This is because it’s generally agreed you get the best views on the trails going this way round. There is slightly less elevation gain going anticlockwise too, but you’re still looking at around 10,000m of height gain in total throughout the route!

TMB trails pass through France, Italy & Switzerland – Pic JarcoPenning@Unsplash

Where is the best place to start the Tour Mont Blanc?

The most popular starting place is Les Houches in the Chamonix Valley. There’s even an unofficial start line archway outside the Tourist Office in the heart of the village for that selfie before you set off. Other locations you can start from include Courmayeur in Italy, Champex-Lac and Trient in Switzerland. 

It has to be said, Les Houches is the ideal starting point, as it’s really easy to get to from Geneva Airport and, of course, Mountain Drop-offs operates transfers from the airport to your accommodation door for a nice, smooth start to your Tour Mont Blanc experience.

When is the best time of year to hike the Tour Mont Blanc?

It’s definitely a summer thing. Ideally, from around late May to September, bearing in mind that the weather can change quickly in the mountains, so you may even get snow in July! 

Where’s good to stay?

Most TMB walkers stay in mountain refuges. And these days, it’s not all about sleeping on pallets in a dorm with people you don’t know. Many refuges have en-suite rooms and are more like mountain hotels, with all modern comforts. You can, of course, still camp. That could mean bivouacking (where allowed) or a space in an official camping area.

And if you want maximum comfort, there are plenty of hotels in the villages and towns you pass on the way. For example, TMB hikers stay in refuges and then book a nice hotel in Courmayeur which is about half-way on the route.

Stay in stunning places like the Refuge Bonatti  –  Pic@RefugeBonatti

What sort of budget for TMB?

Again, this depends on how long you take for your Tour and what sort of accommodation you book. As a rough guide, allow around 600€ for camping, 900€ for dorms in refuges and 1000€+ if you stay in hotels.

Is the Tour Mont Blanc hard?

There is no doubt it is physically demanding if you are not a frequent hiker. There are no actual summit peaks on the standard itinerary – the highest point is just over 2500m. There are no alpinist routes either, it’s all mid-mountain tracks and trails. 

Should you go with a guide?

Going with a guide or on an organised tour takes all the legwork out of the Tour Mont Blanc. Someone else is sorting out the accommodation, food and itinerary – and you won’t get lost! 

Of course, you can organise all this yourself and do the whole tour self-guided when you want and how you want. There are loads of websites and books offering help with itineraries and packing lists etc.

Can you do the Tour Mont Blanc with kids?

Plenty of families with children do the Tour Mont Blanc. It is not to be underestimated, but for many it is a true adventure that brings whole families together. Our advice is to do your research online and make an informed decision that reflects your circumstances. The same goes for TMBing with dogs or babies!

Is the Tour Mont Blanc THE best hiking trip?

It’s certainly up there with the likes of Alta Via 1 in the Dolomites and the GR20 in Corsica. If high mountains are your aim, you can’t beat Mt. Kilimanjaro (fave for celeb fundraising!), Everest base camp or even the Haute Route (ski touring) expedition!

The TMB is one of the prettiest routes in Europe! – Pic NicolasWendigh@Unsplash

A taste of the Tour Mont Blanc

These are just some ideas and tips to help you plan your Mont Blanc walking tour. There are various different routes and different ways of doing the Tour Mont Blanc. In essence the TMB is what you make it! We’ll see in those gorgeous mountain meadows!


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