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UTMB is finally here!


The big week of the UTWT circuit everybody’s been waiting for is finally here! The UTMB®, one of the biggest events in trail running is taking place from 26th August – 1st September 2019 as well as TDS® and CCC®.

The UTMB® is one of the most iconic events in trail running. To do this race, it requires very good training and the ability to run in different weather conditions, including sometimes in high altitude.

Since the first edition, this race quickly became “the” race everybody wants to do. Therefore, it is now limited to 2 300 people.

Runners have 46h30 to finish this beautiful race of 170 km and 10 000 M+. Athletes run around the impressive Mont Blanc, the highest peak of the Alpes.

The big champions of the UTBM are the French François D’Haene and Xavier Thévenard and the Spanish Kilian Jornet. All three have won the UTMB three times already.

The title holder, Xavier, will be back this year to defend his title! But he has strong contenders such as Pau Capell, the UTWT world champion, the American Hayden Hawks and Tim Tollefson, who finished in third position in 2017. We will also see Robert Hajnal who finished second last year, Zach Miller, Marcin Swierc, Tom Owens, Diego Pazos, Andris Ronimoiss, Germain Grangier, Harry Jones, Janosch Kowalczyk and many more.

For the womens race, title holder is Francesca Canepa who will be returning this year to defend her title. And this year, Nuria Picas, who won the race in 2017 will be competing also. There will also be the impressive Courtney Dauwalter, the Chinese Miao Yao and Fuzhao Xiang, Mimmi Kotka, Katie Schide, Maite Maiora, Kaytlyn Gerbin, Kellie Emmerson, Magdalena Laczak, Fernanda Maciel, Sylvaine Cussot, Sally McRae and other great runners!

🏃‍♂️ 170 km

🏔️ 10 000 M+

📍 Chamonix, France

📆 August 30th


The TDS® is a technical race. And this year, it becomes even more technical because some important changes have been made: it is now 145 km and 9 100 M+! A new TDS® awaits us!

The race starts at Courmayeur, in Italy, and finishes at Chamonix, in France. During the run, athletes will discover the beautiful landscapes of the Beaufortain.

For this new version of TDS, we are expecting the title older Audrey Tanguy, the Russian Dmitry Mityaev, who finished third last year. We will also see Tofol Castaner, fourth last year as well as Kathrin Götz, Thomas Evans, Jordi Gamito, Ernest Ausiro, Antoine Guillon and more.

🏃‍♂️ 145 km

🏔️ 9 100 M+

📍 Courmayeur, Italy

📆 August 28th


The CCC® used to be called the “little sister of the UTMB®” but it’s now recognized as a unique race. The race uses a lot of different path of the “Grande Randonnée du Tour du Mont-Blanc”.

For this 101 km and 6 100 M+ race, athletes from different parts of the world will be present.

The Americans Cody Reed and Timothy Feriks will be there, as well as Jiasheng Shen and the Spanish Cristofer Clemente.
There will be a great panel of women athletes as well. Will be there : the Spanish Azara Garcia and Gemma Arenas, Lucinda Bartholomew, the American Kelly Wolf and Amanda Basham, Ajda Radinja and many more.

🏃‍♂️ 101 km

🏔️ 6 100 M+

📍 Courmayeur, Italy

📆 August 30th

Volvic launches a 8L bottle 100% recycled and recyclable*!

Concerned about the problem of plastic, our partner Volvic has launched a bottle of 8L 100% recycled and recyclable*! The brand has put in place a circular process to manufacture new 100% recyclable bottles from recycled bottles to avoid the overproduction of plastic. The new 8L bottle offers families a more environmentally friendly solution to take home the purity and unique taste of Volvic natural mineral water. Designed especially for families with young children, it is also easy to transport and compact when empty.
This new bottle perfectly illustrates Volvic’s desire to offer natural mineral water in formats adapted to each person and for all occasions of the day. Thanks to the experience of hydration combining respect for the environment and ease of use that it offers, the bottle Volvic 8L will certainly find its place in homes.
This practical and family format is available in France, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany.

* Except for the stopper and the tap: the Volvic teams are currently working on this

For more information, visit the UTMB website

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